Qatar Social Media Rules
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Qatar Social Media Rules 2024

Qatar Social Media Rules 2024

Social media is a term that I think no one will be unaware about this because its a digital era that every one is following today one can spend a day without eating but can not spend a day without mobile or Internet.

Social media:

First we will discuss little bit about social media so it would not be wrong to say that social media has totally changed the loves of today’s people the way of communication is simply revolutionized in the way people communicate , the way people interact and the way they share information with each other all these are influenced by social media.

Revolution of social media:

Social media has bring changes in many aspects of life such as mentioned below:

  • * Communication and relationship
  • * News and information dissemination
  • * Marketing and advertising
  • * Entertainment and culture
  • * Education and learning
  • * Politics and activism
  • * Business and commerce

Benefits of Social media:

Social media has brought a great change in our lives by providing many facilities such as:

  • * Fast connection with each other:

With the help of social media means of connection with each other are increased such as Facebook , twitter and what’s app that are major chatting apps that connects the different cities and countries of the world. One can contact with each other just on one click.

  • * Connection overseas:

In past it was really difficult to communicate with each other and people used to contact each other after one months, two months or even they used to be not in contact for years. But with the introduction of the social media and it apps the connection has improved to much.

* Awareness about worlds condition:

Social media plays a vital role in the field of news because due to the social media many news are casted online to keep the people aware about the conditions of the world.

* Educational awareness:

Due to social media many people also got educational awareness students are provided with great knowledge about the topic they want they can attend online classes for more benefit.

* Source of entertainment:

Social media is also known to spread entertainment it can broadcast the programmes of a country in many other countries of the world that is a source of entertainment.

Social media in Qatar:

We all know that Qatar is an Islamic country it supports social media to a certain field because as an Islamic country it can not allow the full usage of social media however their are certain spaces in which the people are taking benefits from social media. Such as:

  1. * Use of social media for education purposes
  2. * Use of social media for communication
  3. * Use of social media for entertainment but to a certain limit.
  4. * Use of social media for awareness
  5. * Use of social media for improving knowledge of the people in various aspects.

Qatar rules for social media use:

The residents of Qatar should be aware about the rules of social media usage in Qatar because you can use social media to certain limits if you cross the limits that are against Islamic rules because Qatar is an Islamic country and it follows the rules and teachings of Islam. Let’s discuss the rules one by one to avoid any inconvenience and to avoid violations fines. Here we are mentioning the actions that are not allowed in Qatar along with the amount of fine imposed on one who violate these rules.

1- Spreading false news:

Qatar is really conscious about cyber crimes if a reporter is caught on spreading false news that may cause danger to the state security or may disturb the international peace then he would be fined QAR 500,000 in addition to this he will be jailed for 3 years.

2- Pornographic Material:

As we have mentioned that Qatar is an Islamic country that does not support the pornographic videos because it is against Islamic teachings. If any one shares pornographic content specially involving children then they should be ready to give fine of about QAR 500000 and jail for 5 years.

3- Leaking personal videos:

Self respect of each person is equally important if a person shares the pictures and videos of a person without permission then it is also counted in violation and is considered as cyber crime and the suspect is fined about QAR 100000 and an imprisonment of 3 years.

4- Abusing religion:

As all of us know that Qatar and all the GCC countries are Muslim countries so they really give importance to Islamic values and follow Islamic teachings. So if any one shares a content that is disrespectful to religious norms or abusing content then it is also considered as a crime and leads to a violation of QAR 10,000 and jail for 10 years that is the severe punishment I think.

5- Blackmailing:

If you are blackmailed online by any unknown person then you should suddenly inform the police about it because its a crime and the responsible authority will take strict actions about it that’s why be aware of this act. The violation fine for this act is QAR 100000 and leads to imprisonment of 3 year.

6- Leaking personal information:

If someone is taking pictures of an individual in private places and then spreading it out then it is a crime and you will be fined QAR 5000 and jail for 1 year. Nowadays most of the youth is involved in cyberspace every one relies on social media for news , awareness, education and mostly for communications means that are Facebook , twitter, Instagram and many more online chatting apps that are launched rapidly.

Qatar Social Media Rules 2024
Qatar Social Media Rules 2024

Negative effects of social media:

With the benefits of social media their are also some negative effects just like a picture has two sides we have discussed one side now let’s discuss the second side of the picture that are its cons.

* Loss of focus:

One of the biggest loss is that our teens are lacking the ability to focus on their studies, sports and most important reality. It means that they have created a sperate world for them where they are in race that who will comment first , how many likes I have, how many followers of my page this means that they are totally living in a virtual world that has no connection with the reality. In a survey it is recorded that teens are using to text messages 100 times a day and 3000 times a month which means they are investing all of their time in these activities.

* Lack of responsibility:

It is an alarm of danger for us when our kids are taking too much Internet in the social media that is the main issue of today’s life. Because they are so busy in virtual life that they never know about their responsibilities, they never know what’s going around them that result in accidents while jaywalking, checking phone for social updates while walking or even not being an active part of social events.

* Obesity:

One of the most frequent problem that is coming forward is obesity. Its also a bad impact of social media usage because the teens are bust every time in their mobiles avoiding exercise and attending gyms etc.

Poor eye sight:

Many people are nowadays facing problem of weak eye sight that is because of mobile usage that is out of control. While using the mobile continuously the rays coming from the screen light is effecting our eye sight that results in frequent poor eye sight.

So its the responsibility of the parents to take care of their kids and keep a check on their usage of mobile phone because we can’t trust on them about mobile usage we should not allowed them the unlimited use of mobile phone and take strict action against then if they are not following their instructions…


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