How To Get Death certificate online in Qatar
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How To Get Death certificate online in Qatar

How To Get Death certificate online in Qatar

As we know that more then half of the population of Qatar comprises of expats because it always welcomes the new talents and also the labours to work in Qatar. Unfortunately if a person dies so just like birth certificate there is also a death certificate that is documents that contain the date of death, cause of death and place of death etc.

Same law is in Qatar one has to made a death certificate if his relatives or any friend dies. If we want to legalize a death certificate for official use in Qatar then it should be should be legalized by Qatar apostille for personal work or legal use. You have to get access to Qatar authorities that will forward your application to Qatar apostille for legalization so that it can be used legally in Qatar.

Legalization of death certificate in Qatar:

In Qatar if there is a death certificate issued by UK so the Qatar government needs to attest it first. This is usually a 2 step process that needs a UK apostille stamp. The documents that needs the legalisation must that are birth, marriage and death certificate , Educational qualifications and company registration documents.

This means that all the documents should be legalised first when you are planning to travel to Qatar or just after the arrival to Qatar. Apostille service is provided by the UK records that will attest the documents with an apostille stamp so that it can be uses all over the world for official use.

Death certificate attestation:

Death certificate attestation is a verification process that which will issued by a mandatory authority of the destination country, they issue an attestation with their official seal or signature which attach on to the document. Death certificate is a document that contains some essential information about the individual died, like name , date of death, place of death , cause of death and verification of the doctor also.


  • * Passport copy of the applicant
  • * Original death certificate

Purpose of death certificate:

There are many purposes of death certificate in the destination country for official and personal use.


If a person is having any property in Qatar and he unfortunately dies and his son wants to own that property then he has to submit an attested birth certificate to the authorities that should be issued by the embassy of Qatar present in your home country.

  1. * Financial need is the main reason for which the death certificate attestation is important8.
  2. * Death certificate attestation is also essential for some foreign needs.
  3. * Death certificate attestation is needed to full fill some needs with the presence of that dead person.
  4. * Death certificate is needed in foreign countries yo ensure that the person stated is died.
  5. * In short the death certificate is a document to ensure that the person is really dead and this can be made by the relatives and family members to clarify their needs.
  6. * one can use this death certificate to get the pension of the dead person that is only transferre spouses.
  7. * If a widow or widower want to marry then they has to show the death certificate of the passed away partner.
  8. * Public health officials also investigates the death certificates to know the causes of deaths.

Procedure to get death certificate:

Death certificate application is the notification of death which is issued by the hospital where the death occurs.

Applying in person in Qatar:

1- To get a birth certificate in Qatar the applicant has to make an application to birth and death record department at the ministry of public health.

The authority responsible for the birth and death certificate in Qatar is the ministry of public health MOPH to register Qatar deaths and issuing death certificates.

2- First of all you have to visit the office of ministry of public health to make a death certificate application.

3- The first thing you get will be the application form for the death certificate that you has to fill completely and correctly.

4- This form is available at birth and death certificate registration office or it can also be downloaded online.

5- Before submitting the form you have to fill it correctly and attach all the required documents with it.

6- After that the officers of this office will process your application forward and will notify you that when you can come to collect the death certificate.

7- The time required for the issuance of Death certificate is usually 3- 5 working days.

How To Get Death certificate online in Qatar
How To Get Death certificate online in Qatar

Applying from outside the Qatar:

If you are applying for the death certificate of your relatives resided in Qatar and you are outside Qatar then you have to follow the following steps:

  1. * First of all you have to find the nearest Qatar embassy to you to make a death certificate application.
  2. * Then you will be provided with an application form that you have to fill and submit it with the following documents :
  3. (i) Original ID of the Deceased.
  4. (ii) Original Death Certificate Issued at the Country Where the Death Occurred
  5. (iii) Original ID of the Informant.
  6. * The officers of that office will help you to process the application and will tell you that when you can come to get death certificate.
  7. 5- After the death certificate is ready then you will be notified to collect it.

Documents required:

The documents required are change for each type of conditions like when Qatari deceased in Qatar , when Qatari deceased abroad, when expat deceased in Qatar.

1- Required documents for Qatar deceased o
in Qatar:

  • * Original ID of the Deceased is required.
  • * Next Original ID of the Informant.
  • * Notification of Death issued by the hospital.

2- Documents required for Qatar deceased outside Qatar :

  • • Original ID of the Deceased
  • •original Death Certificate Issued at the Country Where the Death Occurred
  • * Original ID of the Informant.

3- Requirements for expats:

  • * Original Passport of the Deceased.
  • * Original ID / Passport of the Informant.
  • * Notification Of Death issued by the hospital


All the people who dies with in the border line of Qatar and inside Qatar they can get death certificate from Qatar.

Validity :

Once issued the death certificate is valid forever.

Time required:

The time required for processing the death certificate is 4 to 5 working days usually of all the documents were correct and valid.

Information required:

1- Details of deceased:

  • * Gender
  • * name
  • * Religion
  • * passport number
  • * Nationality
  • * occupation
  • * place of residence
  • * Marital status

2- details of death

  • Date of death – Gregorian
  • * Date of death-Hijira
  • * Day of death
  • * Time of death
  • * Place of death

3- informant details

  • * Informants name
  • * Passport /QID Number
  • * Nationality
  • * Relationship to the deceased
  • * Occupation
  • * Telephone number
  • * Place of residence.

So in case if you have a relative dead then you have to get a death certificate for them and also to attest it because it is needed at various places so be prepared with this document quickly. Just like birth certificate there is also death certificate that has to be issued when a person dies because it is needed at various places that are really important so to avoid any problem quickly get the death certificate and get it attested also….


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