How to apply for Qatar tawjeeh
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How to apply for Qatar tawjeeh

How to apply for Qatar tawjeeh

Qatar is a state of GCC that is rich in has production and is becoming one of the most country traveled in GCC countries. This because their is a great vacancy for jobs especially in educational and medical programs.

Qatar is really sensitive about the education department it tries for the welfare of education of local as well as expats also. For this purpose Qatar is running many educational programs for improving the educational system.

tawjeeh program in Qatar :

In Qatar for the first time the Tawjeeh program was launched or initiated by Georgetown University Qatar for the welfare of educational system. It took part in first mentor training session for local alumni taking part in Tawjeeh

Tawjeeh is a new mentorship program that was introduced at a networking dinner in Qatar hotel for about 70 students and approximately thirty five alumni from Georgetown university.

Tawjeeh is an Arabic word for mentorship it is the latest initiative started from Georgetown university office of outreach and business development. It is initiated for the welfare of the youth so that they can get good jobs and to earn money.

Tawjeeh Centers in Qatar :

Tawjeeh centers are the places that provides the government services this program is licensed by the ministry of human resources and Emiratisation also known as MoHRE.

* Tawjeeh centers are actually accertied and approved to train the graduates that will be of great benefit for them.

* The ministry aims to run and control awareness programs regarding Tawjeeh centers

* The centers provide Knowledge in 3 languages so that each and every candidate relating from any country could understand it.

* The Tawjeeh Centres provide awareness to the employees to the employers and guiding them to the right path.

* The Tawjeeh Centres also proves as link or bridge between the ministry and the employeer and employees for transformation of knowledge and rights.

* Its the aim of these centers to aware the audience about how to keep a smooth business relationship between them.

* Its also aims to aware the people about new rules updated by the ministry that may affect their work or business.

* These centers aims to provide such services that will make the audience happy , delightful and satisfied.

* The Tawjeeh centers has set the categories of customers based on the services they provide then the two main categories are employee and employer.

How to apply for Qatar tawjeeh

Aims of Tawjeeh program:

Here we are discussing some points that are the aims of Tawjeeh that why the Tawjeeh programs take place.

* The aim of Tawjeeh program has to train the new and qualifying graduates to the professional mentor.

* If someone gets training from Tawjeeh then he gots the opportunity to get an approved certificate in the field of career from the National Career Development Association (NCDA).

* The certificate also allows the candidates to specialize in different fields that will make them professional and will recognize them from rest of the candidates not having Tawjeeh certificate.

* The Tawjeeh program is divided into 13 different units that covers several theoretical and practical sessions.

* The total time required for 120 training hours.

* To get the certificate the graduate must attend at least 10 basic units of training as well as other requirements.

* Tawjeeh trains the new graduates for a wide and successful career that leads them to have a successful life by getting any type of job because having speciality in every field.

Educational offerings of Tawjeeh:

Here we will discuss the educational offerings that will enhance your knowledge: It is recently explored that Tawjeeh does not only satisfy on the legal guidance but it also force on classes specially designed to educate workers on their rights. That will help greatly in empowering the workforce with more knowledge and confidence.

* Guidance for employers: The Tawjeeh program provides essential insight guidance to the employers regarding Qatar Labour law that will help them in their job.

* Training session: This session is a training about the Labour law that is beneficial for both the employer and employee to raise awareness about the Labour law.

* Information distribution: It also publishes leaflets and flyers of the important information to keep you updated and aware from important news and updates.

* Contract and permit services: The Tawjeeh program is also responsible for the issuance and renewal of work permit contracts, permits and certificates of the workers.

Fee required for Tawjeeh: Here we will explain each program of Tawjeeh with its related fee so let’s check it one by one.

  • * The fee for typing a new job offer letter is QR 103
  • • The fee to Renew Electronic Work Permit that is Typing of Labor contract is QR 103
  • * The fee for New Electronic Work Permit (MB) is QR 103
  • * Smart E-signature PRO card has a fee of QR 303

Labor card: To get a labor card you have to attend the training sessions of Tawjeeh that are more then a workshop. By this you can get expertise in different ins and out of labor law that is really important for a Labour. These sessions also helps you to know how you can manage your finance as a pro.

The Tawjeeh program focuses on the training of workers especially classified under skill level 3, 4 and 5. The workers are classified in skill level 3, 4 and 5 on the basis of their qualifications , experience and complexity of tasks. Let’s explain all the 3 levels of workers one by one so that you can recognize which skill you can match.

1- Skill level 3: This level of workers includes receptionist, office clerks etc that are grouped in skill level 3.

2- Skill level 4: This level includes the manual work in carpet lying, air condition maintenance.

3- Skill level 5: This is the last level but in this level we have the backbone of many sectors that are domestic workers, labours and cleaners etc..

Timing of Tawjeeh center: If you want to visit Tawjeeh center offline then the Tawjeeh office welcomes you from Saturday to Thursday starting at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Topics of Tawjeeh training: The topics of Tawjeeh are designed to empower the knowledge of Labour that includes the following:

* Employee rights and duties: This topic covers that what the employer will expect from you means it will aware you about your duties and your rights that what you should get from the employer that are your rights.

* Labour contract Details: This topic will cover all the information about your topic and will explain the ins and outs of the Labour law.

* Handling complaints: If you face any problem of late payment and misbehavior at work then it will train you to make proper complains.

* Management tips: It will also provide you the management tips to manage your work.

Qatar is a welcoming country to the expats that is it support them very well so it open heartily runs Tawjeeh program with suitable fees to train the local graduates and also the expats to get knowledge and become expert in various fields that is really beneficial and by showing the certificate of Tawjeeh program one can get the job quickly.

So if you are the one who wants know about Tawjeeh then we have described all the basic information about the Tawjeeh program so go through and get full information I think this will be really helpful for you in getting enrollment in the Tawjeeh program.

So wishing you good luck that you may get a certificate from Tawjeeh to get the professionalism expertise in mentorship that will benefit you greatly. This will be proved as a great change in your life that will make you happy for ever.


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