Best Tourist places in Qatar
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Best Tourist places in Qatar

Best Tourist places in Qatar

Qatar is also famous of tourism because it has many beautiful spots that are just to be explore once you enter Qatar. So in addition of jobs and investment attractions it also attracts the expats who are interested in tourism. There are many heaven like locations in Qatar that are must to be seen when you are in Qatar to witness the beauty of nature the beautiful islands, deserts, amazing shopping malls , fun cities etc.

If you are also interested in knowing about the best tourist places in Qatar then you clicked the right page here we are to tell you about the tourists attractions in Qatar that you will love to see let’s explore Qatar’s tourist spots.

1- Souq waqif:

Souq is an Arabic word that means market so as cleared by its name it is the famous market if Qatar located in Doha many people admires it and suggests that one should not miss to see this amazing market in Doha streets. This market contains different traditional costumes, architecture that takes you to the past of Qatar people. This is a place that combines the past with the present by having cuisines of all types. One can spend a whole day while exploring the whole Souq waqif.

2- Museum of Islamic Art

As we know that Qatar is one of the GCC countries that all are Islamic countries so it follows all the Islamic rules and also teaching of Islam. This museum is located in the MIA park on the Doha water front the building is in the design of a gem it contains Islamic masterpiece, jwellery , wood work , textiles and glass that is collected from all over the world. One interesting point is that you will feel good to know that their is no entry fee of the museum. You will need a plenty of time to visit the 3 floor museum that will take approximately 3 hours.

3- National Museum of Qatar:

This is the national museum of Qatar that contains the unique and precious architecture of Qatar history. Qatar has its own history its traditional dresses, heritage , desert life and statues if camels etc. You will need at least two hours to witness all the amazing and historic heritage about the wild life and culture of Qatar and to appreciate it.

The building of the museum is designed by the architect Jean Nouvel that is really unique and is in the shape of desert rose that is mostly found in Qatar’s arid deserts. This museum connects the people to the history and culture of Qatar people by different traditional dresses and various videos.Beautiful old accessories, utensils,clothes, etc, are the special items of this museum.

4- The Corniche:

Corniche is also an Arabic word meaning the beach or sea side. It is a must visit place in Qatar that is a man made stretch face of the sea and is really amazing for jogging, cycling and relaxation. One can spend a whole day with or without families to enjoy the beautiful scene of the sunset when it settles down in the ground. Those who wants to enjoy the nature in their free times then I suggest this is the best place to spend your free time in connection to nature and enjoy the peace. One can also enjoy the ride in bright colored dhows.

5- Villaggio:

The villaggio is known as the shopping paradise of the world. Middle east is now becoming the famous shopping center in the world and Doha is the number one place among these shopping places. The villaggio has all the items that you needs that are branded hand bags, shoes, wrist watches perfumes, clothes & accessories of Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, D&C, Burberry, Baby Dior, CD, Bottega Veneta, BVLGARI, LV, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Valentino brands.

Best Tourist places in Qatar
Best Tourist places in Qatar

It has total 220 stores that are visited by millions of people each year. In addition to shopping center it also has a site for entertainment that is an ice rink, movie theater, Pin bowling centers , roller-coaster, Gondolania theme park & a Carrefour Hypermarket. It is designed in such a way that one can not differentiate that they are walking indoor or outdoor because it is designed in such a way having extended balconies, ceiling designed in sky blue color with puffy clouds that make you feel that you are walking in an open environment beneath the sky.

It also has a stream flowing in the mid so one can enjoy to witness the whole shopping mall while riding in a dhow that is an amazing experience that one should not miss. The mall is really big and will need a lot of time even a whole day to explore each and every part of the mall so when you planes to visit the mall you must have a plenty of time to spend their.

6- Museum of Illusions

As clear by its name its a place where you can feel illusion , magic and amazement that can trick you own senses and you will be confused to recognize the reality. Kids are really excited to visit this place because they get amazed by going their so due to this many schools trips are made to this museum of illusions. The staff of the museum is really cooperative and fully guides because some times you can get confused in finding the way it is fascinating and will trick your mind and nothing is as it is seen.

There is a fee of £ 30 to enter the museum and the you can enjoy unlimited. One who are feeling hungry can enjoy the modern cuisines and specially I suggest that when you are planning to visit this museum then you should get your children with you because the will fun their and get thrilled.

7- Qatar national library:

Its a golden chance for book lovers those who are interested in book reading should go their to explore the new world and to get a lot of knowledge that you will be pleased to know about. It is a brand new library built in architecture gem the Qatar national library aims to serve three function under one roof that is to provide national library, a research-level university library, and a central metropolitan public library equipped for the digital age.

The members ship process is very easy and it is totally free their is no fee for Qatar nationals and locals. There is an amazing system to find the books in the library and the staff of the library is always ready to guide you. There is also a printer machine and monogram machines that you can use it for your research work. when you got hungry while reading then their is a restaurant that is really interesting and has cuisines of every type. That will satisfy your hunger.

8- Aspire park:

It is the amusement park in Qatar that one should visit during his stay in Qatar. This is a fine spot for athletes having unique sports , sports medicine, research and education destination.

Major facilities:

Here we are listing some major facilities of the aspire park:

  •  1. Khalifa Stadium
  • 2. Aspire Zone Office
  • 3. Hamad Aquatic Center
  • 4. Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence
  • 5. The Torch Doha Hotel
  • 6. Aspire Park
  • 7. Warm Up Track
  • 8. Aspire Dome
  • 9. Villagio Shopping Mall
  • 10. Mosque
  • 11. Mövenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah Doha
  • 12. Ladies Club
  • 13. Ladies Sports Hall
  • 14. National Teams Club and lastly
  • 15. Aspetar

One can get his family to enjoy nature and can provide an open environment for their children to play and enjoy.If you visit Qatar then we suggests you to visit the above mentioned tourists attraction that are really amazing and must visit.

So good luck for your tour and we hope that you may get plenty of time and financial support also to explore Qatar.


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